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2014 CW Sliding Opened Door

My only suggestion to you is that you create the opening panel as a separate family and nest it into the door family. It will make your life easier and will allow you greater control and flexibility over the opening. I probably wouldn't replace the existing panel geometry but control it's...

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias

2014 Merge contours of Grade Object & Corr Surface

One method I've used is to copy the outermost feature line of the grading object on top of itself. Then, remove the grading object and add the copied feature line to the surface. The results are the same as using the grading object itself, and you can manipulate the resultant feature line if need...

Posted: by dpresley58437170

Balance Grade to an existing surface

Old post, but interesting problem. If I'm understanding correctly, this would be an iterative process that would indeed involve cut/fill calcs. The thought is to create a flat surface with the same horizontal dimensions as the existing surface (or zones, in your case) and set its' elevation to...

Posted: by dpresley58437170

2014 Pipe Network Data Reference assigning incorrect Reference Alignment Name

I take it all drawings are associated with the correct project?

Posted: by BlackBox

2015 ScriptPro?

---Quote (Originally by jf1725)--- Can anyone tell me whatever became of ScriptPro? There used to be an option to install it when you did and ACAD upgrade. Is it still available? Has it been replaced by something else? ---End Quote--- Dunnow but you could also look for AutoScript.

Posted: by jaberwok

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Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Annoucements, HP Workstations, Heads Up, Articles You May Have Missed, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


AUGIWorld August 2014 Issue Released!

One would think successful collaboration among team members would be virtually effortless. Really, with all the technology available these days, how hard could it be for professionals, even those who aren't housed in the same office, to work together and...


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